My Purpose

I have committed to allowing the following three elements guide both my personal and professional life:



Engagement is absolutely necessary to successfully teach and/or learn. We are designed to want to interact with what we learn as well as with other learners. However, everyone is wired differently and as an educator who has spent years learning how to understand how people learn, and a tech guru with over 15 years of experience creating interactive technologies, I create materials that encourage users to actively engage and interact with content.

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I believe that if you help someone to learn how to meet their own needs, you have given them more than they could ever have asked. I have learned everything I know from others who were great educators. First, from my dad, and then teachers, families and friends after. I am passionate about education, but more importantly about educating learners on what they need and want to know. We live in a world full of stuff and I like to get rid of the fluff and get to the heart of knowledge acquirement. As an educator with over 15 years of practical experience, I give learners more of what they want and need and less of theory that exists without knowledge of its implications.

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While engaging and educating communities are the tools I use to implement my values, empowerment is central to my purpose. You see, there are lots of people who can encourage, educate, entertain and engage us. They make us feel like anything is possible. They give us theory without substance. They can get us to the gate, but it is still locked. Through the use of empowerment, I have studied, researched and proven that when communities are empowered they don’t feel like anything is possible. They know anything is possible because they know they are the key.

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